With our experienced, well-trained staff at Marois Brothers, Inc., we pride ourselves on getting the job done correctly and have the expertise to handle all site-work challenges and keep our projects on schedule. Our employees, including many that have worked with us for 20 years or more, are highly capable and driven to deliver successful projects for our clients.

We offer a full range of site-development services. Our projects encompass smaller parking lot renovations and redesigns to complex, large-scale suburban retail mall and office-park development projects. Our experienced project managers, site superintendents, estimating professionals, and tradespeople allow us to approach projects knowing we can complete a job promptly in a safe work environment within a suitable timeframe.

The majority of our business is derived from repeat clients, who tout our dependability and ability to focus on their construction needs. Typically, Marois Brothers, Inc. is asked to manage all phases of the site-development process from clearing land to finish paving and landscaping. Although we do most of the required work, we have strong working relationships with fencing, blasting, and paving companies to insure a project’s completion. This is key to us successfully providing a one-stop, site-development shop for our customers.

What’s more, our broad experience allows us to frequently work with owners and developers to actively participate in pre-construction planning. During the project planning stages, we develop budgets and schedules for the site-development requirements and analyze project documents for value engineering considerations. Our overall objective is to develop a team approach to implement the projects in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner.