Water, Sewer, and Drainage

utilities installation for WPIWith decades of experience and countless miles of utility installations, Marois Brothers, Inc. consistently gets the job done. We have installed water, sewer, and drainage services for a variety of different projects in all sizes and situations. These include complete water systems for schools and office buildings to sewer lines and pump stations. We can handle your drainage needs, too, from underground detention and surface drainage to catch basin and manhole installations.

Here are examples of our utility projects:

  • Domestic water and fire lines
  • Sanitary sewer systems, including gravity pipe and force mains
  • Septic systems
  • Sewer pumping stations
  • Drainage lift stations
  • Drainage systems with RCP, HDPE pipe, and PVC pipe
  • Underground detention systems
  • Underground infiltration systems
  • Stormwater management basins and control structures