DELL/EMC – Shamrock Infrastructure Improvement Project

Location: Westboro/Southboro, MA

MBI was contracted directly with EMC Construction Services to assist them in a major improvement project on their campus in Westboro/Southboro, MA. This project consisted of two main parts. The first was the reconstruction of Coslin Drive from Route 9 in Westboro to its terminus within other property owned by EMC for a distance of approximately 2500 LF. The roadway pavement was removed, subbase material regraded, replacement water and sewer services were installed and the roadway repaved for industrial traffic. Full depth reconstruction was needed in many areas so drainage work was involved along with curbing, sidewalk installation, guardrail and roadway markings as well.

Phase two of the project was the construction of a new section on road beginning at the terminus of the Coslin Road turnaround and ending at its intersection with Flanders Road, with the new road being named Crystal Pond Road. This was an installation of approximately 4400 LF of new roadway which included land clearing, blasting and grading work. We also installed all underground utility work for water, sewer, drainage, duct banks, and utilized subcontractors for the required pavement, guardrail, curbing and markings. Self-performed work all earthwork, exclusive of blasting, all water, sewer and drainage system installation for the entire length of road. This new road connected Coslin Road to Flanders Road and opened up additional developable land owned by EMC.